Hell No!

I’ve been really ticked at the devil lately.  Seriously.

For the few months, those closest to me have been plagued by depression, anxiety, fear and helplessness.  Poor decisions made based on these temporary emotions and the confusion that ensues have left me wanting to punch something or somebody.  I know it’s an attack from the pit of hell, yet I struggle to direct my anger towards the real culprit.  For the reader who believes in Jesus but isn’t sure about Satan, let me assure you, he’s as real as Jesus is, but we’ve been downplaying his existence because we’re more concerned that it may make us look fanatical or like we’ve seen too many horror movies.

The book of  1st Peter 5:8-9 assures us that there is a devil.

Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil.  He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.  Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith.

The enemy of our soul does not want us to be content in any and all situations, do good for others, have joy, or be at peace, because those are all indicators that we have Jesus in our lives and he hates that.  He hates Jesus so he will hate us. It’s that simple. But, I hate him more and I’ve had it with him using my loved ones as target practice.

Oh yes, it’s on.

Once of the opinion that you shouldn’t poke at, or even acknowledge the devil or he’d get you,  I was no threat to him.   I’ve since learned that he’s more afraid of me than I am of him.

Once one of the most beautiful angels, Lucifer spent too much time oohing and aahing in front of the mirror, became full of himself, used “I will,” just a little too much for God’s liking, and got himself kicked out of heaven.  Now as believers, WE are seated in  heavenly places. We hold a position that Satan (Lucifer’s new handle) wanted for himself and he’s not a happy camper.

With a fresh revelation of who, and more importantly, Whose I am, I can go into battle with the full confidence that I am not fighting alone.  When I use the word of God, when I apply the blood of Jesus, and do so in faith, I am suited up like a Navy Seal; I’m unstoppable.  FullArmorEphesians 6: 10-17 describes the uniform we are to put on every day whether your battle happens in your home, your workplace, or just walking into Starbucks. I won’t go into a full description; you can read it yourself, but let me just point out that all of the pieces of armor are defensive, except the Word.  Put the letter “s”  in front, and you have Sword– that’s a weapon, my friend.

Recently God gave me revelation of just how powerful we are when we walk in His authority.  He planted a name in my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about this person.  I ended up messaging them to see how they were doing.

“I’m so anxious.  I feel like my life is imploding on me; I’ve never felt so awful and I can’t stand it much longer.”

Satan loves to attack where he thinks people will be too embarrassed or ashamed to speak of their battle; mental health seems to be his weapon of choice lately.

I could have just messaged back with “Keep your chin up,” or offer a benign”I’m praying for you,” but I’d had it.   This roaring lion was about to get de-clawed.

When I talk to God I may be on my knees or even on my face.  But when I’m yelling at the enemy, I’m on my feet.  This is not to say that I’m some super-spiritual wonder woman, but rather that I don’t believe that God responds to a posture of pity, but one of power.  We are His creation and He didn’t create us in fear or timidity.  I’m convinced that  if we could see what happens in the spirit when we are doing battle, it would blow our stinkin’ minds.spiritualBattle

We are told in Luke 10:19:

“Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them.  Nothing will injure you…”

So what was my battle plan?

Well first, I cranked up my worship music because 1.  Worship is warfare in and of itself–the devil hates to see us worship the Lord! And 2.  The neighbours won’t hear me yelling at an invisible foe- not that I really care once I get going.  I began declaring every one of God’s promises that came to my mind: this person was created in a spirit of love, power, and of sound mind ( 1 Timothy 1:7)  No weapon formed against her would prosper (Isaiah 54:17)   and anything not planted by the Heavenly Father would be uprooted. (Matthew 15:13) just to name a few.    Now, I know that I’m not allowed to give commands to angels–they are only permitted to answer only to God, but I can ask Him to send a bunch of kick-butt angels to protect and fight for my friend, so I did.  I pleaded the blood of Jesus from the crown of her head to the souls of her feet. I broke off:  Fear. Confusion.  Anxiety. Depression.   I spoke over her: Life in abundance. Peace. Joy. Clarity.  And I told the enemy to take his filthy, stinking paws off of my friend in the Name of Jesus.  This all sounds like stuff I did, but in reality, it was what I activated.  I activated faith by speaking God’s word. I affirmed the finished work of Christ on the cross when I applied the blood, I acknowledged that there is no name higher in heaven and earth when I asked Him to dispatch His angels.  In all of these steps, I walked in my authority, believing as it says in Philippians 4:13:

“For I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength…”

Even though I broke this down into steps, the beauty of it is that it all happened naturally. I wasn’t holding a cheat sheet “on “How to kick the devil’s butt.” It was a natural response to an attack, my immediate go-to.  When you truly grasp that you have Jesus on the inside of you, nothing seems impossible; you know it’s Christ in you doing the heavy lifting.

Oh, and the best thing?  I checked in on this person just the other day, firing off a message to see how she was doing.  The response was so good and so God:

I’m out of the woods.  Made it to the other side, thank God…. I don’t know what you prayed, but something magical happened. Thanks for going through it with me”

My friend doesn’t have a relationship with God-yet.  But she does know that she was healed by Him, even if she doesn’t understand it yet.  In yielding to the nudging of the Holy Spirit and being willing to suit up and go into battle, a seed was planted.  I have no idea know who will water it, who will help the Son to shine on it.  That’s between her and God, but it will be a beautiful flower to watch grow no matter how long it takes.

God will use us friends, cracked pots and all.  He’s not looking for a perfect person, but a heart turned perfectly towards Him.   He responds to our faith, even if it’s only the size of a mustard seed.  When we partner with Him, He will do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask for.

Yes and amen.

5 thoughts on “Hell No!

  1. Wow Monica! I love this!! It’s not how I talk but I can relate to what you said about God’s power. Have a great day


    • Haha! I generally reserve my potty mouth for the devil himself 😉 I think when we truly realize how much more powerful we are than him, we won’t be shrinking back in fear.
      Have a great day as well!


      • I’m okay with your potty mouth! It suits your post. Those words have a place. I was more referring to how you described the battle and more power to you in intervening for your friends

        Liked by 1 person

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