Finding Beauty in Broken things

Kintsugi.  The Japanese art of gold joinery which is linked to the philosophy of wabi-sabi, finding beauty in broken or old things.

I like to believe that my own life is an example of this art form.  There have been seasons of brokenness where I didn’t feel worthy of crazy glue, much less gold, to put me back together again. I used to envy those whom I’d believed had been raised in “normal” families, where there were unspoken rules of engagement, beliefs that had already been established; you just had to follow them.

But looking back, I now see where that would have given way to apathy.  No real sense of grace in your own life, a knowledge of how far you had gone and how far Someone would go to bring you back.  So, no crazy glue for this child.  Only gold, supplied right out of the Refiner’s fire.  It didn’t come without pain, but anything of any real value rarely does.

Not everyday is a one of victory, in fact some days my only testimony is I’m still here!!  But on the good days, there’s lessons of humility, grace, and mercy.  I especially like mercy.

My hope-and prayer-is that I can share my stories with vulnerability and humor. I want you to laugh.  We are all cracked pots after all.

One thought on “Finding Beauty in Broken things

  1. How beautiful are the feet of those that carry the Good News…keep walking and sharing Monica …so much encouragement! !!


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